Paul Tucker, President and Owner

Paul Tucker

Paul Tucker is a licensed HVAC professional. His experience in HVAC repair and installation began in 1984. Paul founded Tucker Heating Air Conditioning and Refrigeration in 1993 and is the President of the company. He is involved in every project and inspects every job completed by his staff. Paul’s experience includes: unit replacement, repair, adjustments, cleaning, annual inspection and maintenance. He also is highly knowledgeable and experienced in evaluating and reworking existing HVAC systems, duct work replacement and repair, and carpentry and construction projects required to complete jobs of the highest quality.

Energy Bill Savings

With Paul Tucker’s experience in installing, repairing and servicing HVAC systems, comes decades of knowledge about how to get the most out of your unit. Getting the right sized unit for your home or business is important in the longevity and cost efficiency of your heating and air unit. Tucker is experienced in fitting the right size unit to a house or business and will know which unit is best for you. Having the right sized unit helps it to run more efficiently, which means lower energy bills and a longer-lasting HVAC unit.

Air Conditioning/Heating/Refrigeration License: TACLB013057C