Commercial Services

Heating and Air Conditioning

Heating and air conditioner units for businesses are typically installed on the roof of the business. This makes them more susceptible to extreme weather conditions and damage caused by hail, wind, and storms. Also, commercial units need to be serviced more frequently, because the equipment runs continuously to maintain a comfortable temperature for your customers and staff. An HVAC unit in a business or office has equipment that residential units do not, and requires cleaning and maintenance more often than residential units.

Tucker Heating Air Conditioning and Refrigeration is specialized in servicing, repairing and replacing commercial HVAC units and systems. If your unit is damaged and needs repair, or if you need to install a brand new system, Tucker is skilled and experienced in getting the job done from start to finish.


To properly control the air temperature in your home or business, it is important to maintain and clean your air ducts. The air ducts in your office or business need to be cleaned frequently, with the proper equipment so as not to cause damage to the ductwork. Whether your ductwork needs a good cleaning or a total replacement, Tucker Heating Air Conditioning and Refrigeration is the only call you need to make!